We are stoked to announce our first LIVE SHOW in 2023!

We will be headlining this year's edition of "Das Schloss Rockt"  in Münster (Germany) and we can’t wait to celebrate that event with you guys! So save June 16th in your calendar and let us know if we will see you in the crowd!

Jan is now officially a member of Elvellon!

Big news today regarding our line-up! Some folks have claimed they saw it coming: Jan is now officially a member of Elvellon! 

We made a little clip for you regarding Jan:


New Shirts

Hey guys,

Today we have two surprises for you: Firstly, there are shirts in a new design for you and secondly, we are offering these at a reduced price during November in a bundle with either an album or a DVD.


The bundles can only be found in our online shop:



First Concert 2021

We are finally able to announce our very first live concert in 2021! And even for free and open-air on the legendary Dong Halde!


When: Saturday, August 13th, 2021

Where: Halde Norddeutschland (Neukirchen-Vluyn, GER)

Doors open at 5 p.m., start at 6.30 p.m.


We can’t wait to meet you all there!




Bombastic Symphonic Metal made in Germany: Elvellon are about to take the world by storm!

From its inception in 2010 on the quintet has stirred up the scene and has enthralled both its growing fan base as well as the music press with a captivating blend of catching guitars, thunderous drums and magnificent orchestration. As a result, renowned national magazines such as Orkus and Sonic Seducer took notice of the highly promising youngsters early on, while German Metal Hammer magazine even dubbed them “heroes of tomorrow”. Through their first online singles `Oraculum´ (2013) and `Born From Hope´ (2015) – which was accompanied by a masterfully crafted video clip by Mirko Witzki (Any Given Day, Caliban, Deadlock) that almost reached one million views on YouTube within the first year – the band proved that all premature praise had been well-deserved. The 2015 release of their self-produced 5-track EP “Spellbound” marked the first milestone of their career that sent critics from all over Europe into rapture. Live on stage, the synergy of Elvellon's powerfully performed soundscapes and vocalist Nele's angelic voice always strikes home, too, with the result of a variety of celebrated festival gigs over the recent past, including shows at prestigious German M'era Luna Festival and Wacken Winter Nights.  


After the first deal with the aspiring label Reaper Entertainment was inked, the course for Elvellon's conquest was set and things came thick and fast for them:

Thanks to a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign, which reached almost double the funding goal, the band was able to finance their debut album ‘Until Dawn’.

Within weeks of its release, it was sold about 2000 times so that re-pressing of ‘Until Dawn’ hat to commence only three months later. At the end of 2020 the next milestone in the band's history followed with a record deal with the Austrian label Napalm Records,  one of the biggest record labels of the independent scene.

Uplifted by both the fans’ and the journalists’ outstandingly positive feedback Elvellon will carried on their conquest at festivals such as M'era Luna, Metal Hammer Paradise, Rock Fest Barcelona, Wacken Winter Nights and the Metalfest in Pilsen, Czech Republic and many other concert venues all over Europe. As far as milestones are concerned, there’s no end in sight! 


Nele Messerschmidt


Year of birth: 1994

Musical Background:

I come from a musical family where nearly everyone plays an instrument or sings. From a young age I grew up with music and was part of many different musical projects here and there.

Sometime when I was still quite young I found out that singing also functions like a kind of outlet for me and so I began to take my hobby serious, always looking for new musical experiences. One of them was finally Elvellon, something that began as an Intermezzo and than became something bigger and more important to me.


Inspirations for me are foremost good talks with substance, as well as relaxation and a lot of sun, the sea or a walk through the woods. Also I like to suck in every detail that nobody talks about and sometimes it can be a meaningful dream or a cool beer after a hard days` work.

Gilbert Gelsdorf


Year of birth: 1988

Musical Background:

Quickly after being born my development was shaped by musical education and many years of classes with different instruments. Over the years this lead to me spending more time in bandpractice than in school. I already had my first metal band Ravian when I was 14 and I have stayed pretty true to that genre. 2010 we shared the rehearsal room with a band called Elvellon. Two years later I then joined them.


Where it comes from exactly, I can only guess. Probably for the most part from the music that I listen to. Be it metal, movie soundtracks or folk: Music always inspires me. And then there is the phenomenon that only occurs when I´m holding an instrument in my hand. You suddenly get kissed by a muse and you think to yourself: „Wow, that sounds really awesome. What did I just play?“ :)

Maddin Klüners

Drums and Percussion

Year of birth: 1991

Musical Background:

I think my musical interest got me when I was about 12 years old. Because I was always very excited by drums in some soundtracks or songs and I always liked to beat on all kinds of different things, I decided to actually start playing the drums properly.

At the beginning of 2010 I got the offer from Pascal to play with him in the fully equipped rehearsal room of Ravian, a band from Moers. Of course I didn´t let this opportunity slip by and so we met many times during the week, in which I really started to play the drums. Out of this small and inconspicuous idea grew regular rehearsals and with that the foundation for what was to become Elvellon.


Inspiration in my eyes is a word that can have an endless amount of facettes and sources. In my case it´s already things like the sunrise or sunset, wide open green, waters and in general everything in connection with nature. Also it´s movies, music, sounds, smells, places that I know from my youth, people and so much more that can take my worries and the negativity about a lot of things away and let me see new „horizons“.

Pascal Pannen

Keyboard/ Piano

Year of birth: 1992

Musical Background:

I do not really have a sophisticated background, because I never went to music lessons or had private ones. Since I started making music with 13 years I learned from watching professional musicians and mostly taught myself. In those days I mostly grabbed a bass and played my favourit songs. Through what I played I gained more and more knowledge about musical theory like for example scales. Over the years I practised like this until I decided to learn the Keyboards and Piano. What began as a hobby has developed to a proper passion, which I can live out to the maximum in the band.


I let myself be inspired by feelings mostly, be it the nicer ones or the bad. To form a completely new story out of your own memories and to internalize every stimulus while doing that. This is helped of course by listening to your favourite music or to simply take a nap.

Jan Runkel


Year of birth: 1987

Musical Background:

My parents used to own a piano and an acoustic guitar, on which they played from time to time. So making music was part of my life since childhood.
At some point during my elementary school years, I started learning to play the guitar at the music school. First classical guitar and after a few years I changed to electric guitar. At the same time my younger brother started to play drums and of course we founded a punkrock band. Later on the heavy metal band HEADLESS HORSE was born out of that, in which I then played guitar and sang for almost 10 years. In parallel I joined the folk metal band MEN ENTER TAVERN as a bass player in 2008. This band seamlessly transitioned into the black metal band FLAME SALVATION in 2011, which existed for about 2 years.
Subsequently, I joined KINGDOM OF SALVATION as a bassist in 2014.
In 2019 I got in contact with Elvellon through a mutual acquaintance and spontaneously joined. First only temporarily and then -at the end of 2022- as a permanent member.


I'm most inspired by live videos and vlogs of bands I like to listen to. These things always trigger memories of special band moments and an incredible motivation.



Born from hope

Releasedate: 13. August 2014

Only digital



Releasedate: 30. Januar 2015

Digital & CD


Until Dawn

Releasedate: 01. Juni 2018

Digital & CD